It is very important to us and our employees to give back to the community. We receive a great number of donation requests every week and do try our best to fulfill as many as possible. There are times of the year where our beer supply is short and we are not able to provide kegs or bottles to anyone outside of our accounts. We appreciate you reaching out to us and we will always do our best to spread the love. Due to the limited requests we can answer, we will not be able to grant repeat requests throughout the year.

Types of organizations we give to:
Environmental/Wildlife and Scientific Organizations
Organizations Supporting Underprivelaged/Low Income
Arts and Culture Organizations in the Tampa Bay area
Health Organizations
Business Membership Groups

Types of organizations we cannot provide support for:
Schools and Children’s Sport Teams (This includes public and private schools and PTA requests)

We recognize the importance of these institutions in our community. We cannot, in good faith, associate an alcohol brand with children. Thank you for your understanding with this.

Must have a valid 501(c)3 status.
All requests must be at least 4 weeks in advance (requests submitted within 4 weeks of the event date will not be considered.)
Requests must be made through the online form (please do not call or email.)

NOTE: Due to the overwhelming volume of requests we get, not all donation requests can be granted. All requests will be taken under consideration. You will be contacted if we are able to provide support. Please do not request to be a part of our Helping With Hops Charity of the Month Program. This program was created to support the organizations that our amazing employees cherish and are invested in.

For keg donations, we can provide a party pump. We do not provide ice tubs, cups or ice.

Donations are to be picked up between 11am and 7:00 pm at Coppertail Brewing Company (2601 E 2nd Ave, Tampa FL 33605). Please email or call 813.247.1500 to schedule your pick-up.

All kegs must be returned within 48 hours after the event, unless otherwise negotiated in advance. We charge a fee for late/lost item returns.

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