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Coppertail Brewing Upcoming Tampa Events – April & May


Mark your calendars. The Coppertail Brewing crew will be out in Tampa serving ice cold beers at the following locations for April and May. Come by and say hello, have a beer… or two. April 19th: Creative Loafing is hosting Spring Hops and Coppertail will be serving a variety of beer. The event starts at noon for Read More


Brewery Update 17: Brewhouse (nearly) Installed


Two months ago I wrote, “Tomorrow the trucks will begin lining up.  Tomorrow there will be ropes and pulleys, chains and hoists.  Tomorrow there will be spitting and cursing, sweating and shouting.  Tomorrow we build a brewery.” There were only two days worth of shouting, spitting, and cursing (mostly by Casey) and then, miraculously, all Read More


Kill the Big Beer Bill HB1329


My fellow Florida craft beer fans.  The craft beer community needs you.  You may have noticed that craft beer is growing at an amazing (or alarming rate) lately, while at the same time, sales are dropping for the mass produced industrial light lagers.  This trend has the big beer people worried.  So much so, in Read More


Women Make a Big Splash in the World of Beer


Guest Blogged by Dikla from Have Growler Will Travel We know the standard, sound bite story of how craft beer has risen from non-existence into the grand golden age, hay day that it is now enjoying throughout the United States. Yet, in the background, a much quieter but no less important shift has been taking Read More


Brewery Update 16: D-Day


I write to you today on the eve of D-Day.  Not the invasion of Europe, but Coppertail Brewing’s Co.’s own D-Day, the Delivery Day for our brewing equipment.  Tomorrow, trucks bearing giant steel tanks and metal containers full of equipment to build our brewhouse will begin off-loading their contents whether we’re ready or not.  Our Read More

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