Evan B Harris

Born among the briars & brambles in backwoods of Klamath Falls, Oregon, Our Label Artist, Evan Benjamin Harris grew up with little knowledge of the bourgeois big city fine arts. So, he dove into the recesses of his own imagination and embraced the fables and folklore that fascinated him. With little to do but draw and sing, he did exactly that. Now older, things haven’t changed much. The stories he created as a child are still present in his paintings and songs. With no formal art training, he creates art and music on his own terms. Broken boards, oil and acrylic paints, charcoal pastels, plastic resin, melted waxes, and guitars are among the mediums Evan uses. Then they are beaten, brushed, sanded, polished, and shared.

Find more of Evan's Art and Music, including prints of his Coppertail work at Afterliferevival.com