Kent in the warehouse that will be demolished.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here over at Coppertail Brewing Company. So many things have been going on that we’ve neglected our updates, our apologies. However, we’ll try and be extra diligent and pump one out each week or so.

Construction is set to begin soon, within the next few weeks, and we’re gearing up to really get rolling in July. Blueprints are being finalized, even for the tasting room. A few designs have been haggled over but the plans are in place for what we need to proceed with.  

Demolition is set to begin on our warehouse next to the office areas soon, and it looks like workers will be out fencing off the needed area possibly tomorrow. Sometime this year our parking lot and tasting room will be in its place. Electrical fixtures and wires as well as sprinkler piping will have to come out before the whole building comes down. Some of the beautiful wood located on the warehouse ceiling will hopefully be able to be saved and reused. Kent will want to operate the bulldozer or wrecking ball I imagine, but really-who wouldn’t?  

Last week, Cintas cleaned our floors and walls in our warehouse behind the office area all the way back to the loading dock. They did a great job and it really cleaned up well, it’s no longer embarrassing to bring guests back there. Unfortunately the steam from the cleaning process damaged the fire panel resulting in the fire dept. getting involved and many phone calls to the alarm company and Fire Marshall. Despite that, it’s certainly well worth it and was fodder for a good chuckle. No use sweating the small stuff.

The Cintas Cleaning Trucks.

Our blog received some updates to make it more usable. Readers can now Facebook “Like” a post directly on the blog page itself and reach our Facebook and Twitter page directly from the blog. Plus some other cool stuff was done. The increased functionality is really impressive and will help us communicate and share what we’re trying to do.   Business cards also came and we’ve been having fun letting the local community know our plans while we hand them out.  

Our newly cleaned ware house floor.

Our newly cleaned ware house floor.

Finally, we’re really looking forward to doubling the size of our Coppertail team! Two new employees will officially be joining us starting in July. In fact, a couple of new phone lines were installed this morning just for them. Casey Hughes, our brewmaster extraordinaire, will be moving down with his new bride Jules from Philadelphia. He will be invaluable during our construction phase, recipe development, and brewhouse operations. Dave Iwansky, our new money and finance guy, is already on his way from Virginia with his wife Kim and their two kids. Hopefully Dave will be able to wrangle some of the financial and other business obligations away from Kent to free him up for other duties, keep us both from spending like drunken sailors (good luck Dave), and provide another passionate craft beer voice to help guide our vision.    

Thanks for reading and we’ll be back soon!

Robb Larson

VP and Resident Beer Dude

Coppertail Brewing Company