When you walk into a bar; whether it be your favorite spot on 7th Ave in Ybor or a new place you haven’t tried yet, usually the first thing after you grab a seat and say hello to the bartender is the eye scan of what’s on tap.

Some tap handles are elaborate with intricate details and ornate additions while some are simple with no frills at all.  No matter what they are each handle is a symbol of art, all representative of the brewery and the beer. We like to think that our handles fall somewhere in the middle… something pleasing to the eye with whimsical details but overall nothing too elaborate.  After all, we want the beer to do the talking not the handle.

Here’s what we have on order.  We can’t wait to get them in.

We hope you notice our handles as you glance around a bar near you – dark grainy wood, a thirsty shark, waves with coppery details. Hopefully curiosity strikes and ask your bartender “who is Coppertail?”   We can’t wait to get a glass of beer in your hand.  Our handles should start sprouting up around town later next month.  We’ll keep you posted.

– TRex

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