MMMMMM. Whole leaf hops (and Casey.)

MMMMMM. Whole leaf hops (and Casey.)

2 years of hard work, 20 somewhat monthly blog updates and we’re finally here: The Finish Line.  Or, maybe it’s the starting line.  This week we release our first shipments of beer to local bars.

The first emotion to wash over me is relief.  We definitely hit our share of delays and set backs and at times it seemed like it would never happen.  It would have been easy to give up.  I’m glad we didn’t.

My second emotion is gratitude.  There’s so much to be thankful for.  I’m thankful for the team we’ve built at the brewery.  It has taken a lot of people, pulling together toward the same vision to make this brewery happen.

Also, thank you to all the people who have supported us along the way – all the good people we’ve encountered at beer fests and pop-up tastings who’ve talked beer with us, the people who have followed us and encouraged us via social media, the other local brewers who have been so generous with their time and advice.  The local craft beer scene here in Tampa really is an amazing and supportive place.

And, my last emotion is pure excitement for this next chapter.  Let there be beer!

Speaking of the beer, to celebrate the release of our core lineup we’re planning a Coppertail Launch Tour.  At each stop our beer will be on tap.  We’ll drink some beer, give away some swag, and Casey will slow dance with you.  (Or you can just talk brewing with him.)  Come on out and help us celebrate.

Coppertail Launch Tour Dates:

Aug. 21 – The Independent, Seminole Heights. 6pm – 9pm
Aug. 25 – New World Brewery, Ybor City. 7pm – 10pm
Aug. 26 – The Dirty Shame, Ybor City. 7pm – 10pm
Aug. 27 – The Stein and Vine, Brandon. 7pm – 10pm
Aug. 29 – The Pour House, Downtown. 7pm – 10pm
Sep. 2 – Mr. Dunderbaks, North Tampa. 7pm – 10pm

What about the tasting room, you ask?  Good question.  We’re installing our tap system this week and racing the clock to open the door to our temporary tasting room by the end of the month.  A more permanent tasting room will open around Novemberish.  We’ll be sure to announce it on social media when it opens.

They love beer... so should you.

They love beer... so should you.

Thanks for checking on us and we look forward to drinking a beer with you soon!

– Kent